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Profile: Architecture // Workshop
Location: Fredericia, Denmark / 55°33' N, 9°45' E
Season: 2017 summer
Collaborator: Dana Cucoreanu

In the summer of 2017, Fredericia, Denmark was touched by EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly). The largest network of architecture students in Europe, EASA is a diverse community where the common language is architecture. The theme for EASA 2017 was: Hospitality - Finding the Framework. Hospitality was the foundation for the 30 different projects the groups of students worked on for two weeks. The EASA community includes 500 students representing over 40 countries and 200 different architecture schools. Run by students, for students, EASA had an organizing board of 12 international architecture students this year who were chosen by EASA.

A few of EASA’s goals are to connect with the local community and be a catalyst of change in the urban environment it chooses each year. Located at a major highway intersection, the city of Fredericia was chosen by EASA for its central location and historic ramparts which give the city defined physical boundaries. Fredericia’s history is rooted in diversity and industrialization. The theme of hospitality, and finding the framework, reflects the historical and modern-day challenges the city of Fredericia faces. Theoretical and practical workshops helped the EASA community to further analyze hospitality and frameworks for it.

One of the main topics of thecoolworshop was diving into personal researches towards the subject(s) of borders and limits while triggering aspects of intercultural tolerance in a physical and performative manner, by different ways of putting the questions in the planned (and unplanned) agenda. The workshop was concentrated around working with the least ammount of requested materials from the organizing structure (its aim being therefore the cheapest workshop) on stressing out individual explorations by doing a lot with as little as possible.

The process was structured on daily basis in different chapters, transcending slowly from body-related actions (group cohesion and physycal environment cognition centered) towards crafting (eg. linocut atelier) and spatial/social interventions (questioning the cultural and physycal limits between the inner aspects of EASA - seen as a collage of different individuals) toward the end.

Alžběta Nováková (Czech Republic),
Kaisa Lindström (Estonia)
Mario Peko (Croatia)
Filip Pračić (Croatia)
Teodora Lungu (Switzerland)
Vjera Sleutel (Belgium)
Sandra Draganić (Serbia)
Nika Gabiskiria (Georgia)

Dana Cucoreanu (Romania)
Ionuț Popa (Romania)


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