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Profile: Performance & Collective Drawing
Location: Venice, Italy / 45°26' N, 12°19' E
Season: 2018 autumn

The project represents the participation in duemetriperquattro curated by Emilia Curatola Fernandez and Pietro Consolandi, in the framework of IUAV University. It consists of a recontextualisation of the historical exhibition of Walter Hopps (“36 Hours”) when in 1978 the american curator open an gallery space for 36 hours for whoever would like to show their works, without any prerequisits - the only rule being that the work should fit the door.

Therefore, duemetriperquattro got in firstly through a virtual call towards persons which would like to share their works in a nomad exhibition. The nomad exhibition materialised in a 2x4m cloth on which all the works (sent from all over the world) was printed and therefore left to 8 artists to have interventions and find thought-provoking exhibition situations in the context of the city of Venice.

“Analog News Feed” represents the first of the series of interventions and it happened to be a pretty spontaneous action which concluded after a calm walk in the city with the cloth in the hand while talking about the passarelle and their presence on the Strada Nuova. What use they can get when there is no Acqua Alta happening? Could it be a temporary gathering place for some sort of exchange situation, without just having them as objects that should be avoided between the huge crowds of turists? “What would it be if exactly these turists would participate in the exhibition, and create de exhibition place themselves? Would they participate?”

Apparently yes. On the opposite side of the digital print, the analog feed of thoughts happened. And when is mentioned feed it's because of the constant current of people on Strada Nuova (the place where the action happened) and their stories was nonetheless the same as the one on the social media - a perpetual scroll.