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ALLEGRETTO slightly fast/fairly quick

Profile: Documentary Cinema // Academic + Festivals / Honorable Mention
Locations: Varese and Carrara, Italy & Bursuci, Romania
Season: 2017 spring
Mentors: Marco Bertozzi and Matteo Primiterra
Collaborators: Francesca Della Seta and Teresa Satta


Three young grandchildren travel together to seek traces of aging inside the lives of each of their grandparents, that deliver individually different narrations about aging tempos. Does aging has a universal language? How many borders appear before the absolute border? We find ourselves in the center of our exploration staring over what we think is more than temples of flesh, falling skin and deep wrinkles, that are the bodies of our grandparents. We look at time passing. We look at the human as an entity, as a body, as a palimpsest – a living clock per se - focusing on its final acts where slowness dives in, possibilities diminish, the actions become fewer, more isolated and more intense.