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Profile: Architecture // Academic
Location: Bucharest, Romania / 44º25' N , 26º05 E
Season: 2019 summer
Mentor: Adrian Aramă


Within the “Exquisite Garden of Earthly Delights” there are present a series of interventions (the 3rd layer - marked with blue color in the previous and also the next diagrams). One of them is concentrated around the front side of the Parliament Palace and represents a small part of the zone close to the Constituției Square which at the moment works as a parking lot, and a terminus point from the Unirii Boulevard that ends up with the megalomanic presence of the Palace. MNAC MNAC is an extension of the functions of the National Contemporary Art Museum (having its main location at the moment inside of the Palace) in a nature-blended architectural solution, putting another “brick” towards the plans of PIDU (Plan Integrat de Dezvoltare Urbană) that suggest to encourage the growth of the Contemporary Culture Chamber which can also transcend in a possible future Cultural Forum area.

Therefore, the proposed contemporary art galleries get a camouflaged integration in the hill, losing itself between the vegetation, leaving space to work with the landscape solution that has its main character the poplar tree (lat. Populus Nigra), elements that play an important role towards fragmenting the dense and monotonuos presence of the Palace. This happens through the linear courtyards that are hosting the arbors but also outdoor galleries that can be visible from the roof of the galleries - that are actually paths for pedestrians inside of the public gardens. The zig-zag interior itinerary is shortcircuited also by a side circulation area with oblique elevators and set of stairs and emergency exits.