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Profile: Architecture // Academic
Location: Marghera, Italy / 45°28' N, 12°14' E
Season: 2017 spring
Mentors: Renato Bocchi, Maria Chiara Tosi, Laura Zampieri & Silvio Noccera
Collaborators: Nicola Stecca, Jacopo Calafati, Stefano Nuzzo & Fuad Ahmadvand

The project is rooted in the acamdemic framework and it's concentrated upon new scenarios for Porto Marghera which at the moment constitutes an urban area mummified in its monofunctional industrial structures. The general lines of the intention turned upon mapping the study area and sprinkle a series of parasites that act punctually in a situation related way.

Therefore, the result was a collection of 26 elements that were presented to grow and to wonder around in order to bring punctual changes and to trigger attention, but most important than all: to work with the minimum ammount of resources and to responsibilize the closeby neighbourhoods and to get them involved in the above mentioned process.


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