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Profile: Architecture // Academic
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania / 46°46' N , 23°36' E
Season: 2015 spring
Mentors: Adriana Măgerușan and Silviu Aldea
Collaborator: Izabella Bakó

The project is framed within the 3rd year design studio that took place at FAU Cluj-Napoca and was concentrated mainly towards collective housing schemes on a specific parcel located in a moderate-densified region of the city where the main interventions are part of the late modernism dwelling archetypes (that usually prevail the main neighbourhoods).

Therefore, the research and design process moved in the direction of finding possible ways to integrate dwelling typologies that were created along the way in the current context and social needs. In this way, a series of typologies were created in order to have an elastic offer in the provided spacial situations.
As a result, a series of six main units together with one experimental housing block for students came out and tried to interact in different ways with the surroundings (and between themselves as well) by creating a series of open courtyards with different shapes in order to sort out possible divergent spatial identities.

Even if the mention topics represented important anchors in the design process, the main attention was upon the housing unit itself and the different relationships tha could have with possible tenants characters and their relationship with the daily activities inside the framework generated by the authors that in the end culminated with the final outcome that is visible in the next pages.