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Profile: Architecture // Academic & Competition / 2nd Prize
Location: Baia-Mare, Romania / 47°39' N , 23°34' E
Season: 2014 spring
Mentors: Adrian Aramă and Tiberiu Bucșa

C.A.S.A (Concursul Anual al Studenților Arhitecți - Anual Architecture Students Competition) represents one of the first and most important national competitons that an architecture student can join in Romania and whch is also connected with the design studios of the 2nd year, bringing together all the Architecture Schools from the country in debates, presentations and review exchanges.

Restricting the discourse, the aim of the mentioned edition of competition was to create an edifice for four artists (artists residence) in the center of Baia-Mare, city which once hosted the most concentrated artist colony from Romania’s 20s century. The project concluded in an experiment of light and materia that was strongly connected with the cultural/artistic background and the mining history of the city (the abandoned mine tailings that were polluting the region).

This project seduces with its strong poetic materiality that refers to the mining history of the region of Baia Mare. The response to the historical context is subtle and sensitive. The sculptural volumetric elaboration of the interior and the careful treatment of daylight create an ideal oneiric and inspiring habitat for artists. The graphical presentation with beautifully hand crafted drawings and a model creates very strong images. - Leo Van Broeck (Jury)